IMBA-UK (International Mountain Biking Association UK) Update - December 2013

Dear members, ex-members and fellow mountain bikers
You may have noticed that IMBA UK (an entirely volunteer led organisation) has been inactive recently. The reason for this was that there were a number of changes of key personnel on the board of IMBA UK, and a number of long-standing volunteers were unable to give the same level of commitment to the organisation due to changes in personal circumstances and other demands.

However, we strongly believe that there remains a role in the UK for an organisation that is dedicated to mountain biking and to providing a voice for mountain bikers. That is if we can secure again, a mandate from you to move forward. We want to build on the strengths of IMBA UK and what has been achieved in the past – and to create a fresher and more influential organisation representing today's mountain bikers and the riders of the future.

To help guide this next stage of the process we need your help. You can participate in an online survey that we will be putting together and publishing soon – seeking to understand the key issues facing mountain biking in the UK and what role IMBA-UK might have in those and you can contact us directly, if you wish to share your views in more detail.

We look forward to your participation in this, and to hearing your views and ideas on shaping IMBA UK for the future.

Yours for the trails
Chris Lamb
Email: Chris.Lamb

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